Carcass Interview


 Turk Gitar: Thanks for the interview! It’s a real pleasure making an interview with Carcass.

Carcass: Thank you. The pleasure is ours entirely. This might be the first interview I have done with a Turkish publication, actually.

Turk Gitar: You made a long break after Swansong and returned back enormously great. To what do you owe that success and fitness?

Carcass: That’s very kind of you. I’m not really sure how to answer this question, except to say that we worked hard on the album. We didn’t take this enterprise lightly – it was important to us to do very the best we could. You can’t sit back and be complacent just because you have a past. 

Turk Gitar: You’ve always been special for metal music. Can you compare 20 years ago’s music universe and today’s music universe?

Carcass: Well, twenty years ago we were breaking up. The music world was very different then, particularly the Heavy Metal scene. It’s probably safe to say that in the years since then, a highly efficient industry has grown up around Metal music. You have enormous festivals now, attended by large numbers of people, generating a healthy income for numerous bands. That would have been unthinkable in the eighties or early nineties.

Turk Gitar: You started doing melodeath based music with Heartwork album. And then Swansong was totally different album as for Heartwork. Band had a long, very very long break and made a great comeback with another melodeath based album, Surgical Steel. How did you decide doing back to melodeath?

Carcass: I had never heard the term “melodeath” until last year. I’m not fully sure what it’s supposed to mean. Although it does sound like the kind of term a lazy kid in the USA would use online if he wanted to be disparaging. If you’re talking about the supposed genre of “melodic Death Metal”, again, that’s something that did not exist when we made the Heartwork album. We wrote and recorded a bunch of songs that may or may not have successfully combined the extreme end of down-tuned Metal with elements of melody. Then in subsequent years a few other bands attempted the same mixture, and after a while someone decided it had become a genre of its own.

Turk Gitar: Would we see another grindcore album by Carcass?

Carcass: Again, we’re talking about a term that we never applied to ourselves. It’s a tag that certain people involved in online culture have become a little obsessed with in recent years. At the risk of repeating myself, the only person I knew who used that phrase in the old days was Mick Harris, the drummer for Napalm Death at that time.

Turk Gitar: You released an EP last year which includes 5 great Carcass songs. They were bonuses of Surgical Steel I guess. Are there any other songs that you’re still keeping secret?

Carcass: Not currently. Everything we recorded during those sessions has seen the light of day now. 

Turk Gitar: Do you think releasing another Carcass album soon? Or are you gonna wait and go for some more live shows?

Carcass: We have been touring for much of the past couple of years. The remainder of 2015 is mostly going to be taken up with various gigs and festivals too. But towards the end of the year I hope that Dan and myself can get together to continue working on some new material.

Turk Gitar: We know you’re a muse for younger bands. But I wonder, within and after the break, what were the new influences of Carcass? A band, a new technic, a new genre or something else totally? And of course I’m wondering which bands do Carcass members like most?

Carcass: In all honesty, there are no “new” influences for us. It’s fairly well documented by now that neither Jeff nor myself is particularly interested in contemporary Metal. Having said that, there are so many stellar old school Heavy Metal acts from the past that inspire what we do…


Turk Gitar: You’re gonna come Turkey for the first time. What is Carcass expecting from Turkey? 

Carcass: Personally, I really have no idea what to expect. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit, and now it seems we have the chance to play there. Quite exciting.

Turk Gitar: There are really many Carcass fans in Turkey. What do you wanna say to them?

Carcass: We’re delighted that we have finally been given the opportunity to visit your country and play for you. 

Turk Gitar: That’s all! Thanks so much! We’re looking forward to see you here!

Carcass: Thank you! We are very much looking forward to this trip.