20. The Presidents of the United States of America

19. The The

18. Bowling for Soup

17. Skillet

16. Def Leppard

15. Foo Fighters

14. Hellyeah

13. iwrestledabearonce

12. The Butthole Surfers

11. Panic! At the Disco

10. Nickelback

9. We Butter the Bread With Butter

8. Hoobastank

7. Limp Bizkit

6. DragonForce

5. Asking Alexandria

4. Anal Cunt

3. Intracerebrally Consuming Cephalalgia Through the Cranium Macerating Debrisf–ked Manure Ingested Remains of the Mindf–ked Cataplexic Wicked Mankind Whom Fistf–ked the Progenies from the Deepest Depths of the Analmaggot Raped Human Pieces of Erotic S-itmasses Which Gave Birth to Worthless Eunuchs as Travesty for Cumstained W-orefaced Sluts Enslaved by This Stupid Society Full of Fetal Garbages

2. Black Veil Brides

1. Five Finger Death Punch