– Turk Gitar: Hi Charlie: It will be the first interview that we have with a guitarist known world-famous and it will be an excellant experiance for us. Welcome and we appreciate that giving an oppurtinity to us.

– Charlie Parra del Riego: Thank you for your nice vibes to my work and thanks for emailing me to do this interview! Can’t believe I’m doing an interview for a turkish website haha so good!

– Turk Gitar: You are the one known as famous guitarist on the world. If you want ,we want to starting with knowing you shortly please. (Note: there are many informations about you on the internet except our language this is the why we asked this question)

– Charlie Parra del Riego: I’m Charlie. I’m from Peru and I’m 28 years old. Been playing guitar for the last 13 years and I’m currently playing guitar in the bands M.A.S.A.C.R.E from Peru and Kobra and the Lotus from Canada. I also have a solo project and I share my work in Youtube and I’m a big fan of old school videogames and beer.

– Turk Gitar: I’d like to ask the story of your guitar playing and what did trigger you playing guitar? Which methods did you use and how did you practice to reach your playing?

– Charlie Parra del Riego: I got into guitar because of a school therapist. She told my parents I needed to focus on something because of my low grades, so guitar was the first option to her and my parents agreeded. I was a big Guns n’ Roses fan so my aproach to guitar was like “love at first sight”. My grades didn’t get any better but I found something to put all my focus on. I started practicing playing the whole Appetite for Destruction album. When I found Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads, I started to practice way more.

– Turk Gitar: We are sure that you will catch the highest position or level but have you ever thinked about your videos, on the youtube,can make you so popular guitarist on the world?

– Charlie Parra del Riego: Before Youtube I already had almost 5 or 6 years playing inbars, festivals and tours with my bands M.A.S.A.C.R.E and Difonia. We did pretty good in Peru and Colombia, but Youtube definitely opened my chances to share my music with everyone. I started Youtube after I had an accident and surgery and couldn’t play live, so I started uploading. I would have never thought that my 1st solo album Procrastinación/Procrastination would sell overseas. I’m still in shock and grateful for that. I’ve also toured as a guitar player for Canadian band Kobra and the Lotus supporting bands like Steel Panther, Fear Factory, Sonata Arctica, Amaranthe, Hate Eternal and more and also recorded guitars for french band The Lost Rockers in Paris. Youtube opened those gates for me but my concert experience comes from my time with Difonia and M.A.S.A.C.R.E. İn the peruvian and colombian scene.

– Turk Gitar: You have many followers comparing you with another players espacially Kirk Hammett (perhaps about your looking) besides their idea is you are better them. How these observations affect you?

– Charlie Parra del Riego: I still can’t believe that comparing thing haha! I’m a huge Metallica and Kirk fan and is definitely one of my main influences. Comparing me with Kirk makes no sense to me. Kirk is one of the most influential guitar players around and I’m just a fan playing his solos. But yeah, I think I look a little bit like him haha!

– Turk Gitar: Your followers in our country know you mostly about your cover videos but you have also another band performances an albums. Would you talk about the your other workings? 

– Charlie Parra del Riego: I’ve released my first solo album Procrastinacion/Procrastination in 2011 and recently Organic I. The 1st one is strictly instrumental in which “Speed F*cks” is the main single, while Organic I has 2 tracks with vocals. Also, the new Kobra and the Lotus album features my guitar work on it and will be released sometime this year. I’ll be back to instrumentals on 2015.

– Turk Gitar: If this is acceptable for you ,we want to ask another questions from your folowers. What do you think or advise about a new guitarist to keep always in their mind during music life?

– Charlie Parra del Riego: Perseverance is the key. I guess that every profession in the world requires lots of hard work and music requires it aswell. Yes, there is a lot of partying and everything, but there are also hangovers and they can damage your live performances. Also, being humble and grateful for everything helps a lot.

– Turk Gitar: Another question from your fans. There are many people wants to start playing guitar have some problems about the prices of the guitars designated from manufacturers. Have you ever had any problem like this?

– Charlie Parra del Riego: Off course. My first guitar was a very economic second hand Cort Strat. I had to sell it due money problems when I was young. I tried to get it back a few years ago but the guitar was stolen from its owner. It was kinda sad. What I personally think is that is not the guitar, but the guitarist what matters.

– Turk Gitar: Do you know or follow any Turkish band? So many people wonders this question.

– Charlie Parra del Riego: I confused at first this Pentagram band since there are many bands with that same name. I just listened to some of the tracks in Youtube and sounds pretty awesome! I really like the exotic vibe on the scales they use. Couldn’t understand most of the words to be honest haha but really enjoyed it!

– Turk Gitar: You have many fan and followers in our country. Do you have any idea about giving a concert in Turkey?

– Charlie Parra del Riego: That would be pretty awesome and I’m working very hard to make it happen sometime in the future. I’d love to go to Turkey and play the Turkish March!

– Turk Gitar: What do you think about the future. Due to your own album Organic I is already new, i think it will take some time making a new solo album. Are there any new album news about Kobra and the Lotus?

– Charlie Parra del Riego: I’m focused on the Organic I album, an upcoming tour with M.A.S.A.C.R.E and also excited about the new KATL release. I’m in Peru for now practicing a lot and catching up with friends and family before the next tour starts!

– Turk Gitar: Lastly, Due to our website purposes teaching and informing the amateur guitarist, do you have any message for them? What do you advise?

– Charlie Parra del Riego: Guitar and music is all about passion. Just perseverance, working hard and having a good time!

– Turk Gitar: Thanks a lot and we are appreciated about your accepting our interwiev wish.  

– Charlie Parra del Riego: Thank you for the interview. It was pretty fun!

Questions: Feyyaz Ustaer | Translate: Mehmet Demirci