Türk Gitar: Hey there, thanks for the making and interview with us.

Cyrax: Thank you so much for the great review! We really do appreciate it!

Türk Gitar: We got a chance to listen your next album, Pictures, and we impressed. First of all I want to talk about your musical understanding. I heard a choir, violin and cello on the album. How do you decide to add them into progressive metal?

Cyrax: As you switch between classical music and modern metal, you can feel that they share basic components: in our songs we try to melt together this elements. But we also do love jazz and funky, and this can clearly be perceived throughout the record.

Türk Gitar: You’re new. Naturally, you want to announce your name. What’s your main goal with that?

Cyrax: Well, it all started with the strong desire to write music, so we could say that this is all we’re after. Of course we are planning future steps, live promotion and such. One thing we see quite clear about is this: it’s not easy at all to define the genre we are making, not even for ourselves. Our very name, Cyrax, is not really helping, and this allow us to potentially write everything we want, in all the crazy ways possible! It’s the kind of philosophy that we share with artists such as Akira Takasaki, one of the greatest metal guitarists of all times, and probably the most prolific musician at the moment.

Türk Gitar: Which bands did impress you mostly? And which artists got you into the progressive metal?

Cyrax: All the members in this band have personal influences, sure we all know Genesis, Pink Floyd, Rush, Symphony X and Dream Theater.

Türk Gitar: There are many of BTBAM and Dream Theater impressions on your music. For the future can we talk about more complex, long and mixed songs? Or is this the Cyrax literally on the Pictures album?

Cyrax: We sure appreciate the bands you mentioned, however our goal is not the production of complex songs, nor the emulation of bands that already exist: to us creation of music is a form of art itself, and that is our goal. We wish to write music we can be proud of, and we take new inspiration every time.

Türk Gitar: You’re Italian and unfortunately Italians didn’t make tremendous impact in metal market. Do you think that you can make the explosion for Italy like Gojira made for France? Where’s Cyrax gonna be in metal market?

Cyrax: We know lots of italian bands that actually made a decent landmark in the world: Rhapsody Of Fire, DGM, Destrage, Ancient Bards, Lacuna Coil, just to mention a few. We do not deal with the idea of competing with them for the metal market in Italy right now, sure it would be cool to share a stage with them one day.

Türk Gitar: Which bands do you want to your around mostly? And which countries are your dream for a live show?

Cyrax: As we said, we would like to play with italian bands spreading the music of our country; showing that italian Metal has now the potential to make a change! When you love music, every stage is home! We’d like to play everywhere, really.

Türk Gitar: Do you follow Turkish Metal market? Are there any Turkish bands you like or listen?

Cyrax: Unfortunately not! We don’t know any Turkish band, you have any suggestions?  (We suggested Saints ‘N’ Sinners and Vortex Of Clutter to Cyrax)

Türk Gitar: How does a live show in Turkey sounds? We’re sure about that you’ll have more fans with spreading you music.

Cyrax: Wow! It would be awesome to play in your country, and we really hope it will be possible sooner or later!

Türk Gitar: Thanks for having an interview with us. We hope that ‘you don’t care what people say’ and give us more Cyrax!

Cyrax: Granted, we will! Thank you so much for this interview! See you on facebook.com/cyraxmetal and www.cyraxmusic.com!