1990`lı yıllara damga vuran Nirvana, grunge türünü zirveye çıkaran grup oldu. Kurt Cobain`in yazdığı benzersiz şarkı sözleri dönemin gençlerini etkilemiş ve Nirvana`nın hayran kitlesi büyük bir hızla artmıştı.

Rock tarihinin önemli oyuncularından Nirvana kısa zamanda yıldızı parlayan nadir gruplardan. 5 Nisan 1994`te Kurt Cobain`in ölümüyle grup dağıldı ama yıldızı parlamaya devam ediyor ve devam edecek.

Loudwire`ın yaptığı listede Nirvana`nın en iyi şarkı sözleri sıralandı:

22. Drain You

“One baby to another says I’m lucky to have met you / I don’t care what you think unless it is about me / It is now my duty to completely drain you.”

21. Paper Cuts

“And very later I have learned / To accept some friends of ridicule / My whole existence is for your amusement / And that is why I’m here with you.”

20. Even in His Youth

“He was born for your crew / I’ve got nothing left to prove / If I die before I wake / Hope I don’t come back a slave.”

19. Pennyroyal Tea

“Give me a Leonard Cohen afterworld / So I can sigh eternally.”

18. Spank Thru

“I can’t explain just why we lost it from the start / Living without you girl you’ll only break my heart.”

17. Territorial Pissings

“Just because you’re paranoid / Don’t mean they’re not after you.”

16. Mr. Moustache

“Fill me in on your new vision / Wake me up with indecision / Help me trust your might and wisdom / Yes I eat cow, I am not proud.”

15. On a Plain

“I love myself better than you / I know it’s wrong so what should I do?”

14. Downer

“Portray sincerity / Act out of loyalty / Defend ever country / Wish away the pain.”

13. Stay Away

“Monkey see, monkey do / I don’t know why I’d rather be dead than cool.”

12. Serve the Servants

“Teenage angst has paid off well / Now I’m bored and old / Self-appointed judges judge / More than they have sold.”

11. Polly

“Polly wants a cracker / I think I should get off her first.”

10. You Know You’re Right

“I would never bother you / I would never promise to / I would never follow you / I would never bother you.”

9. Sappy

“And if you fool yourself / You will make him happy / He’ll keep you in a jar / Then you’ll think you’re happy.”

8. About a Girl

“I need an easy friend / I do with an ear to lend / I do think you fit this shoe / I do, won’t you have a clue?”

7. Lithium

“I’m so happy cause today / I’ve found my friends / They’re in my head.”

6. Dumb

“I think I’m dumb / Or maybe just happy.”

5. In Bloom

“He’s the one / Who likes all our pretty songs / And he likes to sing along / And he likes to shoot his gun / But he knows not what it means.”

4. Heart-Shaped Box

“Hey! Wait! I’ve got a new complaint / Forever in debt to your priceless advice.”

3. Come as You Are

“Come as you are, as you were / As I want you to be / As a friend, as a friend / As an old enemy.”

2. All Apologies

“I wish I was like you / Easily amused / Find my nest of salt / Everything is my fault.”

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit

“I feel stupid and contagious / Here we are now, entertain us.”